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Sr. Bussinger

Hola, my name is Daniel Bussinger, but most people just call me Mr. Bus. I have been teaching Spanish in various capacities for about 10 years. I got my start just like many of you, by taking high school Spanish 1 and 2. Armed with my high school Spanish, I made friends with Spanish speakers at work and soon improved my fluency dramatically. I was encouraged because I found that I could make a lot of grammatical mistakes but still get my point across, and the native speakers were very nonjudgmental. I went on to travel all over Mexico and then to major in Spanish at UCSC. After years of being a carpenter and teaching nights at Sierra College, I was fortunate to land here at Nevada Union High School, home of the Miners.  

I am relatively new here at NU, and am brand new to the Humanities Academy. I’m very excited to collaborate with your other Humanities teachers to help bring a well-rounded perspective to Spanish. In class we will work hard but we will try to inject a lot of fun too. There will be lots of learning new words and phrases, and studying the workings of language. That will apply to English too! Also, we will study geography with an eye for Spanish speaking countries, at the same time that we explore history in order to discover why they speak Spanish in a country as far from Spain as Argentina, for example. We will draw a lot of pictures and look at art, listen to and sing songs, and perform a little bit of “theater” from our seats and in front of the class. The class is fast paced and participation oriented, so bring your best social skills and an open mind as we delve into the language and culture of the Spanish speaking world. ¡Nos vemos en la clase!


530-268-3700 x4634


Educational background:

BA Language Studies, emphasis Spanish University of California at Santa Cruz, 1990

Adult ESL Teaching Certificate, UC Santa Cruz Extension, 1992

MA/Teaching Credential Single Subject National University, 2000

Textbook: ¡En español! McDougal Littell Inc.

Classroom Technology: eSchool

Extra curricular: Member Site Council

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