Dear families of the Bruin Nation:

It is my great honor to serve as the principal of Bear River High School.  I’ve worn many hats throughout my career, all of which have helped prepare me to lead this wonderful school.  I am humbled to serve such a stellar community and love developing strong relationships with the families, staff, and community partners of BRHS.  You will hear from me regularly, in all sorts of ways, and likewise, my door and ear will be open to you.  Bear River is our school, our community; our pursuit of excellence will be shared, as no one individual has all the answers.  I am counting on you to contribute to our shared vision of excellence in every way you can.

In addition to communicating, listening, and facilitating progress, I am committed to serving, through the role of principal, as the primary instructional leader on our campus.  Our staff is committed to ensuring that all students learn at a high level, and not just in terms of the content of our courses, but in ways that go beyond those specifics.  As you may know, the California State Standards are designed to engage students in real-world problem solving that mirrors the challenges they will face as adults.  We need to ensure that our students are competent writers, speakers, critical thinkers, and evaluators who can take in complex information, analyze it, form arguments, defend their reasoning, and ground their reasoning in evidence.  They also need to develop adaptability, creativity, leadership, initiative, collaboration skills, research skills, and questioning strategies.

My experience in instructional methods and curricular development makes me very confident in my ability to lead our staff in this regard.  My Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction, coupled with my extensive background in literacy, allows me the ability to lead the charge in our implementation of school-wide authentic literacy, as well as mathematical practices that apply across the curriculum.  I am committed to our continuous improvement, as nothing will ever be "good enough" for Bear River High School students and our families.

While academics are the foundation of all we do and the reason we have dedicated ourselves to this work, I also recognize that there are many other important aspects of a high-quality high school education.  The elective offerings and extra-curricular opportunities we provide our students connect them to school in meaningful ways and impart life-long skills and character traits.  I am committed, as your principal, to building these programs and offerings to ensure that every Bear River High School student enjoys a wide assortment of meaningful opportunities to be a part of something bigger -- to be challenged and inspired, in a spirit of personal growth and character development.  Our history of excellence in athletics, the arts, applied technology and agriculture, and student leadership and service speaks for itself; it is my job as principal to ensure that these opportunities thrive and expand.  At BRHS, we encourage our students to branch out, try things that are new and challenging, and discover talents and passions they never before imagined.

My vision for the future of Bear River High School is simple:  We are a great school, moving steadily toward becoming exceptional.  The greatness of BRHS is due in large part to the outstanding traditions and foundation laid by this exceptional staff.  Building upon that legacy, I envision Bear River High School as the best comprehensive high school in our region.  This is a place where students receive a rigorous, high-quality education in a beautiful setting...  a place where the personal connections made between staff, students, families, and the community create tremendous opportunities which result in a high level of student success, both in high school and far beyond… in the complex world of college and 21st century careers.

However, just being exceptional is not enough.  We, the shareholders of BRHS, need to communicate clearly and passionately about who we are and what makes us so unique.  We need to join forces with our community partners, neighbors, and foundation schools to share our message in every form and fashion possible.  We have so much to be proud of and should be shouting it from the rooftops. 

I could not be filled with more hope, excitement, and passion for this next phase of Bear River High School.  I see our shared future as one that is extremely bright and focused, as always, on the needs of our exceptional students.  This is a special place, not just because of the tremendous beauty of the environment, but because of the people who have come together around a shared mission: making Bear River High School an exceptionally nurturing, challenging, dynamic environment where young people develop into a higher form of themselves.

There is no better place than right here and I am humbled by the opportunity to lead this incredible staff, student body, and community toward our goal of making BRHS an even more exceptional school than it already is.  I will always work tirelessly in service of our students, with whole-hearted passion and dedication.  I encourage your input and involvement every step of the way.  My door is always open.  I thank you in advance for your continued support of BRHS and our programs and student opportunities; we cannot do what we do without you.


Amy L. Besler

Principal, Bear River High School