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Daniel Bussinger

Sr. Daniel Bussinger

530.268.3700 ext. 4634
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Spanish 2

Grade Levels: 9-12
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: Spanish 1 (Grade of C or better)
Graduation Requirement: Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language - UC/CSU 'E'

Level 2 provides the opportunity for students to reinforce their ability to produce words and phrases, while communicating about the world around them: sports, travel, culture, family, home, chores, daily routine. Our students will understand and produce language in both the present and past tenses. This intermediate study of the language will promote a wider use of the language as the student begins telling stories and holding conversations about the topics previously mentioned. Students will be expected to participate in class in Spanish on a daily basis. Participation will also include maintaining a notebook on a daily basis and providing evidence of organization and daily study skills to build vocabulary.