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Integrated Math 2

Grade Levels: 10-12
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisite: Completion of Integrated Math I with a C or better
Graduation Requirement: Yes - UC/CSU 'C'
This course introduces the student to logic and sound reasoning as used in mathematics through the study of geometric figures and their relationships, and of proofs as applied in Euclidean plane geometry.

AP Calculus A/B

Grade Levels: 11-12
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: Pre-Calculus and teacher approval
Graduation Requirement: Elective - UC/CSU 'C'
AP Calculus (AB) is a course offered to college bound students. It is an advanced study of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, complex numbers, and elementary functions. In addition, the course will include a study of differential and integral calculus. The course includes material normally covered in a semester of college study. The CollegeBoard AP Calculus exam will be administered to interested students in May.


Grade Levels: 9-12
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: Integrated Mathematics I with grade of B, concurrent enrollment in Integrated Mathematics II
Graduation Requirement: Physical Science - UC/CSU 'D' or 'G' 
Physics is the study of the physical universe. In this course, students will investigate forces, motion, momentum, energy, gravity, electrostatics and electric current, waves, electromagnetic radiation, and nuclear physics. Students will conduct laboratory experiments regularly. This is a college-prep course, fulfilling the UC requirements for a lab science.