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NGSS Environmental Science

Grade Levels: 11-12
Repetitions for credit: No
Prerequisites: Two years of laboratory science: one year of physical and one year of life
Graduation Requirement: Life or Physical Science - UC/CSU 'D' or 'G'
This course is an interdisciplinary science drawing upon concepts found in earth science and life science that will prepare students to take the College Board AP Environmental Science exam in May. This course is designed to increase student awareness of environmental issues both local and global. Topics covered include: population biology, land and water use, pollution, earth resources, energy resources and use, ecosystems and energy flow, and global change. This course will include laboratory experience collecting and analyzing data both inside and outside the classroom. Some projects will be ongoing and require work outside of class time.

Earth & Space Science

Grade Levels: 9-12                                                                                        
Repetition for Credit: No
Prerequisite: None
Graduation Credit: Physical Science (Not a Lab Science)
This science course is designed to expose the student to scientific methods, concepts and vocabulary in relation to the non-living, natural world. Earth Science is the study of our earthly habitat, which is a synthesis of all terrestrial systems, including Geology, Chemistry, Hydrology, Oceanography, Meteorology, and Astronomy. Laboratory problems are performed to demonstrate concepts and enhance the understanding of material presented.

Get Focused, Stay Focused

Grade Levels: 9
Repetitions for Credit: None
Prerequisites: None
Graduation Requirement: Elective
Career Choices & the online 10-year plan is an interdisciplinary curriculum that engages students and teachers in an interactive learning process, helping them develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to successfully: examine their own lives, explore and evaluate a wide range of education and career options, and make reasoned and researched goals for their future.

Life Science

Course Scheduled to be offered for 2022/23 School Year

Details Coming Soon!