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Grade Levels: 9-12 (Grade 9, see prerequisites below)
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: Recommended for college-bound students. Also open to 9th graders with a B-plus average, concurrent enrollment in Integrated Math I or II and teacher/counselor recommendation.
Graduation Requirement: Life Science - UC/CSU 'D' or 'G'
This course is a life science, laboratory science course that explores the topics of scientific investigation, ecology, molecular and cell biology, heredity and biotechnology, and evolution. Regular laboratory experiences include microscope work, ecology simulations, dissection, DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, enzyme activity, genetics and natural selection simulations. In addition to content knowledge, critical thinking will be assessed. Common Core ELA standards in reading and writing for science will be practiced and assessed.


Grade Levels: 9-12
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: Algebra 1/Integrated Math 1 with B or better (“A” for incoming  freshman), concurrent enrollment in Integrated Mathematics II.
Graduation Requirement: Physical Science - UC/CSU 'D' or 'G'
Chemistry is the study of matter  and the changes that take place in matter.  In the first semester, students will learn to write and balance chemical equations, classify chemical reactions and predict the products of reactions, and use stoichiometry methods to solve problems. We will use current atomic theory to study bonding and the shapes of molecules. The second semester will include the study of kinetic theory and the gas laws, thermodynamics, kinetics, solutions, equilibrium, and acid-base  reactions. Approximately 20% of class time is spent on laboratory work, with students working in pairs.

AP Environmental Science

Grade Levels: 11-12                                                                                 NCAA 1
Repetitions for credit: No
Prerequisites: Two years of laboratory science: one year of physical and one year of life
Graduation Requirement: Life or Physical Science - UC/CSU 'D' or 'G'
This course is an interdisciplinary science drawing upon concepts found in earth science and life science that will prepare students to take the College Board AP Environmental Science exam in May. This course is designed to increase student awareness of environmental issues both local and global. Topics covered include: population biology, land and water use, pollution, earth resources, energy resources and use, ecosystems and energy flow, and global change. This course will include laboratory experience collecting and analyzing data both inside and outside the classroom. Some projects will be ongoing and require work outside of class time.
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Biology, Miller and Levine
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