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Social Science assists in the discovery of a student's understanding of the social sciences through a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. Our team work collaboratively to enhance our students' and our understanding of the complex changes that take place within the social sciences. We challenge each student achieve mastery in our respective subjects in order to understand and analyze the many changes and challenges we as a local, national, and global society face today. Our goal is to develop self-motivated, world-conscious, critical and free thinkers capable of adapting to the changing social, economic, political, and intellectual environments of the 21st century.


Our emphasis within the Bear River Social Science Department is the development of our students' Historical Thinking skills -- skills of the Historian that are applicable in any field of study or career path. Throughout a student's experience at Bear River, their Historical Thinking skills will be developed and assessed in the following areas:

  • Historical Argumentation
  • Relevant Historical Evidence
  • Historical Causation
  • Patterns of Continuity and Change Over Time
  • Periodization
  • Comparison
  • Contextualization
  • Interpretation
  • Synthesis

We offer Bear River students an enriching experience with decades of teaching experience among the staff. Highly motivated, enthusiastic about of the learning experiences of our students inside and outside the classroom, the Social Science Department Staff is a dynamic one. Each one of us brings a different style to the learning environment so that students will be challenged in different ways throughout their high school experience. The Social Science Department prides itself in its commitment to holistic education, often volunteering or coaching in various different extra-curricular activities on campus.