Name Steven Paasch
Phone  530-268-3700 ext. 4642
Mr. Paasch brings six years of full time Ag Industry experience, 44 years of part time Ag industry experience and 30 years of teaching experience to his Bear River Agriculture classrooms. (No, he's not eighty yet, but he has been around a while.) His most basic philosophical premise is that no obstacle will reduce his passion to prepare his students for the future challenges of a highly competitive global economy. To prepare students, he will challenge them to present themselves as professionals, comprehend new information quickly, evaluate, justify and critique Ag issues, products, and management situations, as well as engage them in stimulating "hands on" learning activities. He is determined to maintain a nationally competitive reputation for his students in their career development event competitions, but he is equally engaged in helping every student improve their self confidence, knowledge base and adaptability.
Textbooks Holt Biology, California Edition
The Science of Agriculture, A Biological Approach
Leadership Fundamentals and Applications
Introduction To Horticulture, 12th Edition
Selling Fundamentals and Applications
Classroom Technology    eSchool
Extra-Curricular Intra-curricular:
Advanced parliamentary procedure
Novice parliamentary procedure
Creed speaking
Impromptu speaking
Extemporaneous speaking
Prepared speaking
Ag sales
Livestock evaluation
Vegetable crop evaluation
Best Informed Greenhand