Ms. Hockett
530-268-3700, ext.  4642
Ag Science 1
Ag Science 2
Ag Scence  3
Ag Communications
CDE Enviornmental Horticulture
Ag Biology
I attended Chico State to earn my Bachelor’s degree as well as my teaching credential, where I received a full-ride scholarship for academics in agriculture. I am passionate about helping students achieve their post-high school goals including technical school, the trades, military, and college, and strive to help remove any barriers that students may face. 
A newcomer to agriculture, I did not become involved in the industry until I went through the agriculture program at Placer High School. Through involvement in my SAE project and the FFA program, I developed a commitment and enthusiasm for the industry. I became an agriculture teacher because I believe it gives students a hands-on opportunity to access STEM concepts. Please reach out if you have any questions about our program!