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Film/Video Production 

Name:                                        Christina Levinson
Phone:                                         530-268-3700, ext. 4605
Courses:                                       Video Production I    (Broadcast Arts 1)
                                                      Video Prodcution II   (Broadcast Arts II)
VIDEO PRODUCTION I  (Broadcast Arts 1)   UC/CSU “F”
Grade Levels: 9-12
Repetitions: Yes
Prerequisites: No
Graduation Requirement:Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language-Fine Art

This introductory course not only provides an overview of the most important aspect of our age—communication—it
also goes in-depth with a look at the history of film starting with Charlie Chaplin’s silent films, progressing through the
“talkies,” and ending with a study of the innovations in modern film blockbusters. Students will learn how to make their
own digital videos using techniques common to both visual and performing arts. No prior knowledge of media
production is required. Creative writers, dramatic performers, computer geeks, and camera buffs will all find this course
both entertaining and educational as they develop competence in the media arts. 
VIDEO PRODUCTION II (Broadcast Arts II)   UC/CSU “F”  
Grade Levels: 10-12
Repetition for Credit: Yes
Prerequisites: Video Production I/Communication Arts or permission of instructor.
Graduation Requirement:Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language-Fine Art

This course is for both advanced video production students wishing to further their knowledge and skill base as well as
for students new to the field of digital arts who want to work in a studio setting producing programming appropriate for
television broadcasting. This class is also open to students wanting to learn - D animation. Although there is no
prerequisite, students are encouraged to take Communication Arts (video production) first if scheduling allows.