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CTE Career Pathway:  Visual/Commercial Arts

Name:                                        Christina Levinson
Phone:                                         530-268-3700, ext. 4605
Courses:                                      Online Multimedia I
                                                     Online Multimedia II
                                                      Publication Design I
                                                      Publication Design II
Grade Levels: 9-12
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: None
Graduation Requirement:Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language-Fine Art

Formerly Journalism in the Digital Age, Online Media students will work towards developing their voice using different
writing styles in a writer's workshop environment where they will be reflective and evaluative of their own writing, as
well as, of their peers' in order to improve their journalistic skills and editing techniques. This course is meant to
prepare students to be staff writers on the online school newspaper, The Bear River Current; while having a greater
understanding of how journalism has evolved during the 21st Century. Students will understand the importance of
journalism in a democratic society and discuss ethical issues that can arise while covering topics in the community.
Digital journalism opens our reporting up to a worldwide public audience and can take many forms such as text,
podcasts, videos, discussion threads, and blogs. Student writers will report on stories that recognize the diversity of their
community. Students are exposed to a variety of journalism and types of writing that appears in newspaper, magazines
and digital media. Students will recognize and write sound, effective, responsible journalism that includes interviews,
scripting and publishing. The class will also include basic photography skills, layout and design strategies.
Grade Levels: 9-12
Repetitions for Credit: Yes
Prerequisites: None
Graduation Requirements: Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language-Fine Art

Formerly Yearbook, this project-based course is designed to provide practical, specific journalistic experiences with the
main, end result the production of a professional yearbook. The course goals focus on the expository aspect of the 
reading and reporting (oral and written), extensive practice in writing that goes through a thorough editing and revision
process as well as substantial reading of expository sources and other materials that develop imperative skills and
rigorous training on written themes including body copy, interviewing, captions and headlines, and visuals including
photography and designing layouts. Members are expected to assume the responsibilities and self-discipline necessary
to contribute to the success of such an organization. Students deal with and learn to understand the ethical dimensions
of life while they search for information and gain a respect and understanding of the viewpoints others hold. Student
will need to evaluate information and convey intricate or multifaceted information to the student body. Yearbook
teaches real-world skills such as, meeting deadlines, teamwork, working with advanced and professional technology,
communication skills, and independent thinking skills.