Name:                               Ms. Gabriella Blaney 
Phone:                               530-268-370, ext. 4653/4648
Bio:                                   Originally form Northern California, Gaby Blaney grew up a Nevada County native.
                                          At a young age she started competing as an elite gymnast, which in return led to
                                          the start of her dance career.  Gaby attended college at the Univerity of California Irvine
                                          where she earned a full-ride scholarship along with a degree in dance and education. 
                                          She then moved to New York City where she danced professionally for the past six years.  
                                          Gaby was a member of Synthesis DANCE under the Artistic direction of Tracie Stanfield. 
Courses:                             Theatrical Dance l & ll
                                            PE Dance l & ll
Technology:                        Schoology