The goals of our Physical Education department are to promote fitness for life and provide students with the tools to achieve total health, (mental, physical, and social health).  Our courses are centered around activities that can be used well past their high school years to stay fit and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Students are required to take two years of physical education to graduate.  All of our classes are yearlong courses.  Freshmen are required to take “Frosh PE” which focuses on physical fitness, team sports, and individual sports.  Learning to work together in a collaborative way is a big part of what we do.  Our second year courses include Dance 1 and 2 (can be used for PE or Performing Arts credit), Beginning Weights, Advanced Weights, and Basketball.  Our Health class is an extension of our PE department which is also a graduation requirement.  Health focuses on nutrition, Illegal and prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, e cigarettes, STS’s, sleep, and fitness.   Many students choose to take three and four years of physical education and are permitted to take the second year courses more than once.

Our Department:

Athletic Director - Scott Savoie

Department Chair - Jeff Bickmore
Beginning and Advanced Weights - Scott Savoie

Frosh PE- Jeff Bickmore

Frosh Health - Jennifer Krill  
Basketball - Jeff Bickmore
Upper Level PE Activities - Jennifer Krill
Dance 1 and  2 - Gabriella Blaney


The health triangle, physical, mental/emotional, social.