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This course will introduce the student to ceramic and sculptural techniques, materials, tools, and vocabulary. Major emphasis will be on the use of clay and other sculptural materials as a means of personal expression. Projects will be created using various handbuilding, wheel throwing and paper mache techniques. This course will further develop and improve student skills in the use of materials as a means of individual expression. Major emphasis will be on creative design. Class requests student donation for materials.

Students will complete independent work using individually designed projects, under the supervision of the instructor.  Emphasis will be on the development of a unique style of work. Class requests student donation for materials.

For the student who is exploring his/her interests in the arts, this class offers many kinds of drawing and painting activities using pencil, pen and ink, felt tip pen, tempera, paint, charcoal pencils, water color, oil pastels, and combinations of the above. Subjects include tools and terms of design, advertising art, rules of perspective, and studying various media. Outdoor sketching, and still life setupsand rendering will also be included. Class requests student donation for materials.

Students will further develop and expand skills learned in introductory classes. Career possibilities will also be discussed. Class requests student donation for materials.

The AP® Studio Art Portfolio course is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art and wish to develop mastery in the concept, composition, and execution of their ideas. AP Studio Art is not based on a written exam; instead, students submit portfolios or evaluation at the end of the school year. In building the portfolio, students experience a variety of concepts, techniques, and approaches designed to help them demonstrate their abilities as well as their versatility with techniques, problem solving, and ideation. Students also develop a body of work for the Concentration section of the portfolio that investigates an idea of personal interest to them. Class requests student donation for materials.

First semester is an introduction to photographic materials and print making. Students will learn basic photographic skills through darkroom techniques and 35mm camera assignments and an introduction to digital photographic work and Photoshop software. As well as experimental work with pinhole camera and 120 film and printing. Second semester is intended to further the student’s sense of photographic design as well as develop techniques of correct exposure, processing and printing. Class requests student donation for materials.

This a more advanced program intended to lead to a professional approach to photography. Students are expected to work with a variety of themes and materials and are encouraged to produce commercial and graphic design work for sale and exhibition. As part of the curriculum, the students will be exposed to picture manipulation by use of computer software. Computer work includes Adobe Photoshop. Class requests student donation for materials.
This introductory course not only provides an overview of the most important aspect of our age—communication—it also goes in-depth with a look at the history of film starting with Charlie Chaplin’s silent films, progressing through the “talkies,” and ending with a study of the innovations in modern film blockbusters. Students will learn how to make their own digital videos using techniques common to both visual and performing arts. No prior knowledge of media production is required. Creative writers, dramatic performers, computer geeks, and camera buffs will all find this course both entertaining and educational as they develop competence in the media arts.


This course is for both advanced video production students wishing to further their knowledge and skill base as well as for students new to the field of digital arts who want to work in a studio setting producing programming appropriate for television broadcasting. This class is also open to students wanting to learn 3D animation. Although there is no prerequisite, students are encouraged to take Communication Arts (video production) first if scheduling allows.

This course is designed for instrumentalists with at least one year experience who are interested in further developing their musical skills. Groups perform intermediate and advanced level concert band literature. This ensemble performs as the Bear River Pep Band at Football and Basketball games. Music theory and basic composition will be studied. Performances on campus and while traveling throughout the year.

A performance-intensive course for the advanced musician. A broad sample of jazz music from various styles and periods will be performed in a Big Band format. Students learn the principles of jazz performance, including style, interpretation, jazz theory, and improvisation. Audition and enrollment in Symphonic Band required. Performances on campus and while traveling throughout the year.

In this course the student will perform a variety of choral literature as well as learn and strengthen vocal techniques, sight singing, music theory, and basic composition. Performances on campus and while traveling throughout the year.
A performance-intensive course for the advanced vocalist. "Jazz Unlimited" studies and performs a broad sample of jazz music from various styles and periods. Emphasis will be placed on strengthening vocal technique, sight singing, improvisation, music theory, and composition. Audition required. Performances on campus and while traveling throughout the year.
Bear River's popular Show Choir "Starlite Express" is an extra-curricular ensemble that meets outside of the traditional school day and is not a for-credit class. This group sings and dances to a variety of high energy Pop and Rock songs - all with a live Stage Band. Both the Choir and Band are by audition and require enrollment in a traditional music class.
This class is run as any dance studio class would be: a warm up of technical dance steps with stretches, moving steps across the floor, and with the bulk of class time spent working on dance combinations that add steps each day. The style is jazz, with all its varieties, but some ballet and modern concepts that apply to jazz will be practiced. The objective of the class is to train and shape dance bodies. Performances are not mandatory but participation in some form (backstage or production) is encouraged. The attire: Dancewear as approved by instructor.
This class continues the development of intermediate dance skills on a more advanced level. More emphasis is placed on techniques, performance, and choreography. Students are expected to participate in auditions and performances in and out of class. Students will also be expected to complete written assignments. This course may be used to fulfill the fine art requirement or the 2nd year P.E. requirement for graduation. * Class requests student donation for materials.
In Drama, writers tell stories through scripting; dancers express emotion through movement; actors live characterizations through role-play.  Even the quiet and shy hone thinking skills and sharpen creative abilities through improvisational games. Drama is not just for “theater majors” or students wanting a career in acting. Drama is for anyone who is curious, motivated, looking for a safe environment to explore his or her intuitive and creative side. Technicians, writers, sound designers, choreographers, dancers, actors, even photographers, promoters, and videographers are welcome.