Welcome to Bear River High School.  The faculty, staff and administration support the policy that students have the right to learn in the best possible atmosphere and that teachers have the right to teach without interruption.  School should be an orderly and safe place, one that young adults will want to come to because they believe that their rights and feelings will be respected by others.  The school personnel believe it is reasonable to expect student to arrive at school with the good citizenship necessary for the orderly conduct required on campus and in the classroom. 

card header iconAnnual Notice of Parents' Rights

Education Code section 48980 requires public school districts to annually notify parents of their rights and responsibilities regarding a variety of different education code sections, district board policies, and school site rules and regulations.  This notification is now available on our website.

By clicking on the Annual Parent Notification link below you will be able to view the pertinent district policies and education code sections related to your rights as a parent or guardian.

card header iconDiscipline Policy

Click the link below to review the student discipline policy:

Student Discipline 

card header iconAttendance Policy

Click the link below to review the student attendance policy:

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Student Handbook

It is our sincere wish that this student handbook of policies and procedures will enable you to better understand what is expected of you as well as help you monitor your academic and extracurricular involvement at Bear River High School.  Please click on the link below to access the handbook.