Bear River High School’s beautiful, rural setting perfectly reflects the experience students have on our campus. The safe, serene, welcoming environment enables students to grow in their confidence and skills, preparing them for success beyond high school. We pride ourselves in creating and building a school culture that is inclusive, engaging, and respectful; our students and staff feel at home at BRHS and experience the tremendous pride that comes with being a Bruin and being a part of something greater than yourself.

Being a Bruin means embracing a multitude of opportunities to shine, through courage, determination, creativity, and curiosity. Our students excel, not only in the classroom, but on the stage, on the athletic fields and courts, in the labs, and in the larger community. They are challenged each day to take risks, explore possibilities, and serve their school and world. We recognize the unique talents and capabilities in our students and provide them the means to realize their fullest potential, often in ways they never would have imagined.

Our academic excellence speaks for itself, as does our rich 30-year history of outstanding accomplishments in athletics, arts, and agriculture. The BRHS staff is highly trained to meet the individual needs of each student while inspiring them to grow and develop as scholars  and human beings.  We believe in hard work, dedication, and personal attention and treat each student as we would our own children -- with love and expectation.

Our school’s size lends itself perfectly to an ideal high school experience. We are able to offer a wide assortment of opportunities to meet any student’s needs and interests, while providing a small enough environment that students are known well personally by adults and peers alike, creating an environment that is both warm and challenging. Our surrounding community is highly engaged with and supportive of our school and students, which adds tremendous collective power to our efforts.

Bear River High School is a unique and special place, where students thrive. Every day is met with excitement and fierce loyalty, as we know our school environment is something special. We are proud to be Bruins and carry the qualities of a Bruin (generosity, determination, inquisitiveness, courage, compassion, and respect, to name a few) with us wherever life takes us, both within the high school experience and beyond.