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Andy Barhydt

Mr. Andy Barhydt

Teacher | FFA Coach
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Ag. Mechanics 1

Grade Levels: 9-12
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: None
Graduation Credit: Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language
Dual Enrollment course with Sierra College: AGRI 213
Ag Mechanics 1 is designed for students interested in a career in agricultural mechanics or metal technology. The class emphasizes hands-on learning through a series of projects in metal work including arc and gas welding, sheet  metal work, hot and cold metal work, carpentry, and engine repair.

Ag. Mechanics 2

Grade Levels: 10-12
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: Ag Mechanics I.
Graduation Credit: Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language
Dual Enrollment course with Sierra College: AGRI 213
Ag Mechanics 2 will provide students with additional understanding of agricultural mechanics and metal technology, and the use of metal fabricating machinery. This class is useful both for students seeking  employment upon high school graduation in the field of mechanics and for students planning to continue their education. Emphasis is on the use of power machinery as well as arc welding, gas welding, mig welding and tig welding. Time is allowed for the construction of personal projects.

Ag. Mechanics 3/4

Grade Levels: 11-12
Repetitions for Credit: Yes
Prerequisites: Ag Mechanics II and upon instructor approval.
Graduation Credit: Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language or 3rd year Math credit
AgMech 3/4 is a course designed to meet the needs of students seeking careers in ag mechanics. In this course, students will experience a wide variety of construction and engineering techniques including construction skills (concrete, framing, plumbing, electrical) and agricultural welding (OFW, OFC, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and plasma torch.) Students will participate in specific training and then put those skills into action. The culminating project will be a large-scale public showcase project, a community service project, public art showcase, or an instructor-approved internship. Students will design and build their own projects, incorporating the skills they learned in AgMech 1 and AgMech 2.  Additionally, students will explore a variety of avenues available to them after graduation. Field trips to colleges, businesses, job sites and expositions are planned, as well as bringing in industry speakers to supplement classroom training with industry experience. If a student has completed two years of math, including Integrated Math I or Algebra I, this class may count as a third year math requirement.

Power Mechanics

Course Scheduled to be offered for 2022/23 School Year

Details Coming Soon!