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Mrs. Sherry Reafsnyder

530.268.3700 ext. 4660
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English 1X

Grade Level: 9
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: None, but Instructor approval requested.
Graduation Requirement: Yes (in place of English 1) - UC/CSU 'B'
This accelerated English course emphasizes the same curriculum as English 1. However, students read additional works of greater difficulty and will be expected to achieve an advanced level of coherence, unity and critical thinking in their work.

English 2

Grade Level: 10
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: None
Graduation Requirement: Yes - UC/CSU 'B'
English 2 is designed  to reinforce the skills learned in English 1 and to further develop skills in writing, oral communication, literary analysis and interpretation, research skills, and written and oral language conventions.

Academic Literacy

Grade level: 9
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation
Graduation Requirement: No - Elective
Academic Literacy is a Tier 2,  grade-level class designed to enhance and improve the reading achievement of identified struggling readers and to support students in their concurrent English classes with grade level English Language Arts skills. The course will involve the application of active reading strategies, vocabulary development, pre-teaching, re-teaching and reinforcement of concurrent English class skills, and support for written language including essay writing and grammar development. The structured literacy instruction will be provided through the Fast ForWord (Scientific Learning) program.  Fast ForWord is an evidence-based, personalized, online reading intervention program that prepares the brain for learning by improving the language and cognitive skills that are often weak in struggling students (MAPS — memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing).

Developmental Psychology

Grade Level: 9-12
Repeat for Credit: No
Prerequisites: None
Graduation Requirement: Elective

Developmental Psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on how people grow and change over the course of a
lifetime. Those who specialize in this field are not just concerned with the physical changes that occur as people grow;
they also look at the social, emotional, and cognitive development that occurs throughout life. 
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Literature and Language Arts

Essentials of American Literature, The Scarlet Letter, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Great Gatsby, Cather in the Rye, The Crucible, Death of a Salesman, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,


Brave New World, Midsummer's Night Dream, Beuwolf, Canterbury Tales, Frankenstein

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