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Toby Barmeyer

Ms. Toby Barmeyer

530.268.3700 ext. 4613

Course Offerings


English 1


English 3


AP Literature and Composition

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Sara Noah

Ms. Sara Noah

Teacher | Drama Director | Senior Project Coordinator
530.268.3700 ext. 4649

Course Offerings


Senior English (ERWC)


AP English Language and Composition

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Sherylyn Reafsnyder

Mrs. Sherry Reafsnyder

530.268.3700 ext. 4662

Course Offerings


English 1X


English 2


Academic Literacy

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Kristina Stroeve

Mrs. Kristina Stroeve

Teacher | Librarian
530.268.3700 ext. 4820

Course Offerings


Enlish 2

English 2H