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Mr. Jeff Bickmore

Teacher | Athletics Director
530.268.3700 ext. 4819
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Freshman Physical Education

Grade Levels: 9
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: None
Graduation Requirement: Yes (1st year PE)
Freshmen must  enroll in Physical Education. The physical education program has groups of units, four to nine weeks in length, offered at two levels, one for the freshmen and one for sophomores, juniors and seniors. The freshmen will be enrolled  in a wide variety of classes providing introductory level instruction.

Adv. Weight Training

Grade Levels: 10-12
Repeat for Credit: Yes
Prerequisites: None
Graduation Requirement: Can be used to fulfill second year PE requirement.
This class consists of weight training and conditioning. Recommended for any student who desires to work hard towards
muscular development and cardiovascular conditioning.