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Ms. Jennifer Krill

Teacher | Women's Basketball Coach
530.268.3700 ext. 4617 | 4715
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Athletic Physical Education

Grade Levels 10-12
Repeat for Credit: Yes
Prerequisites: By Coach recommendation (9th with Coach recommendation)
Graduation Requirement: Can be used to fulfill second year PE requirement.
Designed to assist today’s student athlete in balancing the demands of athletics and academics. Areas emphasis will be
on learning styles, conditioning, endurance training, sports psychology, tutoring, sports theories, injury prevention,
nutrition, self analysis, history of , and application of sports knowledge to lifelong learning.
Note: After sports season ends students enrolled in this class are still expected to attend class and be supervised until
the end of school day, without exception. 

Frosh Health

Grade Level: 9
Repetitions for Credit: No, 1 semester course
Prerequisites: None
Graduation Requirement: CA state graduation requirement.
This course focuses on transitioning issues related to high school. Students examine decision-making  skills related  to study skills, work habits, goal setting, and communication skills. This course also will cover health-related issues, such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, family life education and public safety.

Weight Training

Grade Levels: 10-12
Repeat for Credit: Yes
Prerequisites: None 
Graduation Credit: Physical Education (Two years required)
This class consists of weight training and conditioning. Recommended for any student who desires to work hard towards muscular development and cardiovascular conditioning.