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Elizabeth Jens was born in Grass Valley and attended Nevada Union High School. That J-Wing hotbed
of creativity was where she fell in love with the fine arts under the direction of Mrs. Dolores Jordan, and Mr.
Gene Crowe. Mr. Ken McCarthy, her math teacher who had the pleasure of failing her not once, but twice
in Algebra 2, was her real inspiration to teach high school. "It keeps you young", he said to her once. She
took those words to heart, and began a lifelong journey of fine arts studies and teaching.

An adventurer at heart, Elizabeth wandered the globe from age 19, and set up camp in Amsterdam for well
over a decade. She attended California College of Art in Oakland (BFA- painting), Amsterdam Academy
of Fine Art in the Netherlands (BFA- Drawing/Art Teaching), and Full Sail University (MS- Education Media
Design Technology).

She eventually moved back to California at age 32 with her sweet Dutch husband Olaf, and their two
daughters Lucy Lee and Lorian. Elizabeth was hired at Bear River for the 2007-2008 school year and has
been happily and artistically prospering there ever since.
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