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Erin Beatie

Mrs. Erin Beatie

Teacher | Theater Manager
530.268.3700 ext. 4647

Course Offerings




Live Production


Live Production Management


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These Courses are a part of a CTE (Career Technical Education) Pathway

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Paw Tracks
Gaby Blaney

Mrs. Gaby Baldock

Teacher | Dance Choreographer
530.268.3700 ext. 4653 or 4624

Course Offerings


Theatrical Dance 1


Theatrical Dance 2

Theatrical Dance Performance Ensemble

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Paul Everts

Mr. Paul Everts

Teacher | Choir Director | Band Director

Course Offerings

Concert/Symphonic Band


BR Voices

Music Lab (Guitar)

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Holly HockettMs. Holly Hockett

Teacher | FFA Coach
530.268.3700 ext. 4642

Course Offerings


Floral Design

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Elizabeth Jens

Mrs. Elizabeth Jens

Teacher | Artist
530.268.3700 ext. 4604

Course Offerings


Introduction to/Intermediate Ceramics


Drawing & Painting Workshop A/B


Advanced Drawing & Painting C

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Sara Noah

Ms. Sara Noah

Teacher | Drama Director | Actress
530.268.3700 ext. 4649

Course Offerings


Theater Arts (Drama)


Advanced Theater Arts


Professional Drama (Honors)

Paw Tracks

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