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Shawn Mason

Sr. Shawn Mason

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Spanish 1

Grade Levels: 9-12
Repetitions for Credits: No
Graduation Requirement: Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language - UC/CSU 'E'
Note that Spanish is not required for graduation & is only recommended for students with a B or above in English and Math.

Daily activities in Spanish 1 revolve around the 4 skills of language; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing: 
  • Listening to the instructor and recordings in Spanish, often in fast, conversational tones. Students must understand enough to answer questions with no other resources.  
  • Speaking to practice and demonstrate mastery of specific sounds and structures of the language. Assessment is performed daily and by formal and informal presentation, without use of notes.
  • Reading words, sentences and authentic texts, advertisements, and articles. As students build their knowledge of vocabulary and sentence structure, readings become more complex and content more cultural.
4. Writing many words, exercises, and paragraphs in Spanish and in English. Students put acquired vocabulary and sentence structure to work in their own words. Any translations used are expected to follow rules of grammar in Spanish or in English, depending on the direction of the translation.  

Spanish 3

Grade Levels: 10-12
Repetitions for Credit: No
Prerequisites: Spanish 2 (Grade of C or better) 
Graduation Requirement: Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language-World language - UC/CSU 'E' or 'G'

Level 3 is designed  to further develop the student‘s speaking,  writing, listening and reading skills. Students will utilize a comprehensive vocabulary to communicate ideas about such topics as friends, family, food, hobbies, sports, the arts, apparel, travel, occupations, literature, politics and geography in the present well as the past tenses, including the indicative and subjunctive expression.  This advanced study of the language  will provide students with a vast vocabulary, greater depth of language skills and more confidence to communicate with ease. Students will be expected to participate  in class in Spanish on a daily basis. Participation will also include maintaining a notebook on a daily basis and providing evidence of organization and daily study skills to build vocabulary.

Spanish 4 AP

Grade Levels: 11-12
Repetitions for credit: No
Prerequisites: Spanish 3 or 4 with “B” or better
Graduation Requirement: Elective-VPA/CTE/World Language - UC/CSU 'E' or 'G'

AP Spanish 4 is similar to Spanish 3 with an additional focus on grammar and literature in order to prepare for the CollegeBoard Advanced Placement Spanish exam in May.

APEX Credit Recovery

Students who have not successfully earned required course credits are provided the opportunity to get back on track for on-time graduation with Apex Learning digital curriculum.  Based in our Bear River Recovery class setting, the rigorous, standards-based content provides students the opportunity to recover credit in required courses for graduation in an independent on-line format. 
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